7, 8 May 2019

Natural Guided Regeneration Therapy Scientific Evidence and Clinical Applications, with NELSON PINTO


Learning Objectives:

1.- To understand the biology and the science-based evidence of using autologous bio-activators

2.- To understand how to use autologous bio-materials and biomimetic implant surfaces in a predictable way to increase the success rate of implants.

3.- To understand how to benefit from using autologous bio-materials for soft and hard tissue regeneration



Natural Guided Regeneration Therapy: Enhancing wound healing to Repair, Restore and Regenerate.
Biological Properties and Characteristics of L-PRF Membranes
Enhancing Wound Healing with Growth Factors.
Extra-Oral applications of L-PRF.
L-PRF for ridge preservation.
L-PRF and sinus floor elevation.
L-PRF in Implant Surgery.
L-PRF in periodontal plastic Surgery.
L-PRF Soft/Block.
L-PRF Cartilage/Block.
L-PRF Hard/Block with Autologous Dentin, Allograft, Xenograft.
L-PRF block for sinus, and horizontal graft procedures.
Autologous Dentin as a source of safe and predictable Bone graft.
Osseodensification: To preserve and to optimize the implant site.
Osseodensification with Bio-Activators and autologous Tissue Graft to optimize the site and Sinus Lift procedures.

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